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Tuesday, September 11 2012 | Exclusive

Featured Artist Update: Austin Mahone!

From his very first interview at to signing a seven figure Record Deal with Universal Music Republic, Austin Mahone is definitely the man of the hour!

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Article By Arionna Jai (@LivingTru)

In just a little over a year, Austin Carter Mahone has taken the music scene by storm. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas with dreams of making it big in the music industry, Mahone set out on a remarkable journey that would eventually make his dreams a reality.

You may remember Austin from his very first interview at when he spoke about his love of music and respect for Justin Bieber . . . In a very short time Austin has gone from making Youtube videos of himself singing in his bedroom, to performing for thousands of fans all over the country! Now at the age of 16, Austin is taking the world by storm with 2 new singles from his untitled debut album, over 1 million Twitter followers known as “Mahomies” and a seven figure record deal with Universal Music Republic. Not to mention the release of his first Official Music video for his Summer smash hit, “Say Somethin!”

In a matter of months Austin has sold out concerts from New York to Los Angeles, he’s managed to sell over 100,000 copies of “Say Somethin’” on iTunes, and has performed with some of today’s biggest pop stars such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Adam Lambert, and Boys Like Girls. Austin credits his family as well as his fans for being his biggest supporters. In his interview with us he stated that his ultimate goal would have to be making a successful career from music, traveling the world, seeing new places and possibly working with his inspiration Justin [Bieber] in the future.” It looks like the future came much sooner than perhaps he'd expected. Austin recently had the opportunity to meet Bieber during his visit at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show this past June. Could there possibly be a collaboration in the future? We can only hope!

Austin is a “tru” example of what it means to follow your dreams. When asked what he would tell other kids wishing to pursue music he said, “I would say to go for it! Never ever give up on your dreams, and to sing or play your instrument like nobody is listening." He went on to say, we all have haterz and we just have to ignore them because they're probably just jealous, or upset with themselves and are probably taking it out on you - block them out and look at your awesome comments that say you're amazing and live your dreams because they know you will make it someday, that is what keeps me going." Awesome advice from an awesome young man! is so proud of you Austin and we wish you the most success in your career! Be sure to check back frequently for more updates on Austin Mahone!

Check out the Official video for “Say Somethin’” by Austin Mahone right here!

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Article By Arionna Jai (
Photo(s) Credit: Getty Images / Austin Mahone