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Next up is Singer/Songwriter Levi Mitchell! At age 14, Levi is not only an accomplished singer, but also a young Humanitarian. Volunteering not only in his church, but in his community. With his desire to give back, and his remarkable musical talent, Levi is exactly the kind of role model that we need in society today. So without further adieu, please check out this One-On-1 Exclusive Interview with Levi Mitchell!

Levi! It’s so great to have you! Thank you for speaking with me.
No problem, I am honored to be here.

Great! So let’s get into it. For starters, what inspired you to pursue music?
I was inspired to pursue music once I realized that I always wanted to listen to music non stop, and when I picked up an instrument and found that I could play it easily. One of the most revealing moments was when I would write songs about everything. I write songs about food, and whatever I see; I write funny songs and songs that will make you cry. I got a standing ovation at the age of 3 and never stopped singing.

Wow! A standing ovation at only 3-years-old? That’s amazing! And it’s great to have that kind of support, especially at such a young age. Who do you consider to be your strongest support system?
Friends and family always give me the best support. Some of the best ways they support me is through motivation and song ideas.

That’s cool, it’s great to have those closest to you so involved in something that you’re passionate about. Almost all teenaged male singers are compared to Justin Bieber, which I think is a very cool comparison, but how do you feel about it?
He is very successful, so if people want to compare my journey with success than that's okay. It can be difficult to break away from the shadow, at times, of such a successful teen and have your own path. But, it seems as though my music speaks for itself and is unique enough to have Levi fans.
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That’s an awesome answer, and a great way to look at things. So, who are some of your biggest influences in music and in life as well?
Music on Guitar? John Mayer; Music on Piano? My Mother.
Overall I relate to so many styles and Artists that inspire me, it's tough to give credit to one person or group. In life, Jesus is my biggest influence.

It’s funny that you say that, because my next question was do you believe in God? Even though you’ve already answered, I have to officially ask, Do you believe in God?

Awesome! So let’s get off of the music for a sec! I’d like to ask a few questions about society, if that’s cool. What changes would you like to see over the next 20 years?
Over the next twenty years I would like to see society be disciplined and take responsibility for it's actions concerning the environment, the generation of youth, and the respect of others.

Great answer, and with the right attitude we can make it happen. Now, as far as your music goes you have a lot of young fans who look up to you, do you consider yourself a role model? And, if so, what example would you like to set? 
It is humbling to be considered a 'Role Model' and I think that some fans do see me that way. It can be a lot of pressure but, it's the greatest feeling to know that you have done something right and people want to imitate that.
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Yes, it’s also something to be very mindful of. I can only imagine how much pressure being a role model can cause. You got your fan base mostly from posting videos online, and we all know how many critics are trolling Youtube. Have you had any problems with haters? How do you stay positive?
Every Youtube user has haters. If it is something you want to do take the haters comments as motivation to prove them wrong. Staying positive is easy especially when you have something to look forward to. i look forward to sleep.

Lol! Me too! So, how does it feel to go from posting your very first video, to having a fairly large fan base in such a short period of time? How do you keep yourself grounded? 
It feels amazing because people are finally starting to see what I do and take notice. I don't feel that it has been only a short amount of time since I have been performing practically my whole life but, as far as the internet is concerned I have gotten a lot of fans quickly. I keep myself grounded by having friends that keep it 100, and will tell me about myself.

That’s always good to have, you need people who aren’t afraid to be honest with you. It keeps you humble and you tend to work harder. As you know, LivingTru.com only features clean music with positive lyrics. In your opinion, why is it important to keep your music clean?
If you listen to the current music it is not really uplifting, creating positive music helps make the world a better place.

Agreed! Thanks so much for speaking with me Levi, I just have one more question for you. What is your ultimate goal for your music?
My ultimate goal for my music is for it to be heard all around the world, and help to change lives.

And there you have it folks! It was great having you Levi! Good luck to you in everything that you do, and please don't forget about us!

Check out this cover of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" by Levi Mitchell!

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All photos and videos courtesy of Levi Mitchell.
Review and One-On-1 Exclusive by Arionna Jai.


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