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New Music Video: E-Hos

Young, Gifted and Rap? You bet! Rap Artist and Songwriter E-Hos, has a new track that tells a riveting story about a man on the brink of destruction. "Talk to em Hos!" .

ehos Photo courtesy of E-Hos

We’re bringing it to you again y’all! Our featured artist 'E-Hos' is no stranger to LivingTru. As a matter of fact he is part of a feature we wrote on fellow artist, Patrick L. Donovan, a musician and songwriter in his own right. Both men are more than exceptional performers, and you can best believe they are just beginning on the road to success!

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Photo courtesy of E-Hos/Patrick Donovan

Let LivingTru give you some knowledge on the rap artist E-Hos and the #1 lead track, “The Rundown” from his "UnderEstimated" album sequel. Yes! This guy is giving it to us raw, spittin’ rhymes like hulls and showing us what he's made of! He’s laying his feelings on the line with a whole lot of realness, and giving it to us straight, something that is oftentimes hard to do.

Look, there’s a lot going on in the world and some of us try to front like everything’s cool. Well, thank you E-Hos for your lyrical insight into what’s going on in your world, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Your music is genius, your lyrics are heartfelt, your candor is astonishing and you’re giving us something we can feel! It’s good to see you’re still here telling ‘your’ truth and enlightening the world with your natural ability to give it to us straight in a no nonsense musical manner. Thank you for taking us through a walk in your shoes!

Youtube video courtesy of E-Hos, Produced by ‘Make Wonders Productions’

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