Charley Langer // I Billboard’s Smooth Jazz National Airplay Chart Artist
Sunday, December 17, 2017 | Blu Vells

New ALBUM: Happy Hour // Charley Langer

Saxophone Artist,Charley Langer Makes the Billboard Smooth Jazz National Airplay Chart!

Charley Langer
Photo Credit: Charley Langer

LivingTru would like to congratulate Charley Langer, one of Northern California’s finest saxophone artist, with the success of his newest album, “Happy Hour.” Langer has had success before with his hit album, “Never The Same.” Now Langer’s fans can enjoy more of his saxophone brilliance with Billboard chart stopping singles from “Happy Hour,” including the funky up tempo, “J Street Grove” that is now at #23 on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz National Airplay Chart, along with “Set me Free” peaking at #29 on Billboard’s chart. ( ) These are teasers of the albums' brilliance, but to get the total experience of the seasoned artist's prowess, check out the entire album at Amazon and iTunes. It is sure to leave you in a ‘happy’ place with it’s vibrant tunes, Langer’s musical artistry on the sax, and a smooth blend of cool with the help a few musician friends.

Langer credits some of the best jazz musicians in the industry with the success of “Happy Hour,” which include, Nils Jiptner “who has his own Billboard hits, and have worked with power artist’s, George Benson, Dave Koz, Chante Moore, Rick Braun, Nathan East, The Temptations and more.” Nils is also responsible for writing five songs on the “Happy Hour” album, and co-wrote five songs with Langer, as well as produced the album. Included on the album is the “cream of the crop of L.A.’s jazz scene, keyboardists Johnny Britt, Nate Harasim, bassists Darryl Williams and Reggie McBride, drummers Gordon Campbell and Richard Rightman, and percussionist Oliver C. Brown."

LivingTru is always happy when its feature artists garner more success, but no one, of course, are happier than the musicians themselves.

When asked how Langer feels about his recent album success, he answered with a question, “do I feel like a rock star…? Uhhh yes!” And we agree! It’s the reason LivingTru featured him as an artist to watch for, we sensed this guy is going places!

Thank you Charley for gracing our pages with your remarkable talent and your wonderful generosity to the world of music!

You can find Charley Langer on all of his social media networks:, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and iTunes.

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